Reverend Charlie White, son of a ex-slave

“Us niggers didn't have no secret mettin's. All us had was church meetin's in Arbors woods. De preachers 'ud exhort us dat us was de chillun o' Israel in de wilderness an' de Lawd done sent us to take dis lan' o' milk an' honey. “  

Charlie Davenport, Bull Whip Days, p377


 "I've heard 'em pray for freedom. I thought it was foolishness, then but the old-time folks always felt they was to be free. It must have been something 'vealed unto 'em. Back then, if they'd catch you writing, they would break you if they ha I to cut off your finger, but still the old-time folks knew they would he free. It must have beer 'vealed unto 'em."

                                   -- ANONYMOUS

                                     Bull Whip Days, p190


"Allow me to say, that although a Colored man, a private in the 29th, I found in Colonel Bross a friend, one in whom every member of the regiment placed the utmost confidence, for, and with whom, each one would help defend the country to the end...He was loved by every one, because he was a friend to every one.

 Weep not for him who was one of God's chosen ones, who tried to deliver his people out of Egypt."

              FORGED IN BATTLE  p97


It was quite evident, through the exercises of' the day and night, that the negroes regard the condition of the Israelites in Egypt as typical of their own condition in slavery; and the allusion to Moses, Pharaoh, the Egyptian lark-masters, and the unhappy condition of the  captive Israelites, were continuous ; and any reference to the triumphant escape of the Israelites across the Red Sea, and the destruction of their pursuing masters was certain to bring out a strong " Amen ! "

 The Negro in the American Rebellion, W. W. Brown, p112






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