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                Cheryl Craig                                  

Text Box: “Fate is really unkind to some                      Look at where it has brought me from               It took me form the protection of the womb   And each day leads me closer to the tomb.
 “Fate is only fatal to those who choose            to view their destiny as something to lose        No one is doomed from birth                          All have something to give on this earth.”
 “What could I possible be destined for?   Destiny has not once knocked on my door   Does destiny know where I live?                     I’ll take whatever destiny has to give.”
 “Destiny is not something that one chooses       It is a map and tool that one uses                 One’s destiny cannot be erased                         It only goes unfulfilled if it is not Faced.”
 By Eric Lamar Brantley



        Cheryl Sanders                      Jim Campbell & Keisha Taibert



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